Fagus sylvatica



Fagus sylvatica aspect

Fagus sylvatica, forest aspect

Fagus sylvatica, fruit

Fagus sylvatica, fruit and leaves

Fagus sylvatica – (Beech)

Deciduous tree of the Fagaceae family of up to 30 m, though some specimens can reach 40. Erect stems with smooth gray bark. Buds pointed, narrow, reddish brown.

Leaves alternate, oval, up to 9 cm long with wavy margins, with no teeth, with a characteristic hairs on the margins, especially when young and sometimes non-hairy when mature.

The leaves show a well marked midrib from which lateral parallel nerves arise. They are bright green without pilosity; a lighter color on the underside, silvery white on the nerves.

Separate flowers on the same tree (monoecious tree). Long stalked male flowers, gathered in spikes with numerous stamens bearing anthers yellow. Female flowers clustered in groups of 1 to 3 in spikes with short stalks.

Nut fruit (beech nuts) between 1 and 2 cm in diameter. Gathered in groups of 1-3 with an outer bag having a papery texture and equipped with hardened filaments like unsharpened thorns. The dome has 4 valves which, when opened, release the fruits. They are edible ( See beech nuts properties)

European tree, typical of flat-leaf deciduous forests of temperate climate. It has been used as a medicinal plant (See medicinal properties)

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22 October, 2021

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