How to cook buckwheat



Pay attention to the expiration date shown on the packaging

Often not usually correct due to the habit of keeping cereals, such as rice or rye, for a long time, but buckwheat is not a cereal and it is a most perishable food. So you have to cater to their expiration date.

Preparation of the grain:

- It is necessary to clean the grain of buckwheat under the faucet with cold water to remove any residual dirt or dust.

- Note: Do not use damp grain. In this case, grains are crowded or have "trickles".

All this indicates that the grain has been preserved in poor condition and has a pest. When this happens, you have to discard all the grain, as toxic substances can be present and it is safer not to use it. Affected grains could be apparently "healthy".

Buckwheat grains

How to cook buckwheat porridge

  • The proportion of water to cook buckwheat is 2 cups of water for every (1) cup of buckwheat. You can cook in vegetable broth to provide it more flavor.

  • Optionally, you can toast it before in a pan or in the same cooker.

  • To cook, boil the water and then cook over medium heat with lid for 20 minutes.

  • Buckwheat flour can be used in the same way as wheat flour, although, in this case, bread making is not possible because it lacks the protein gluten. For bread making gluten free bread flour can help us if celiac disease or by mixing wheat flour with buckwheat.

    Cooked buckwheat
    Cooked buckwheat

Conservation of buckwheat

Once opened, buckwheat should be stored in an airtight container, preferably glass, and stored in a dark, cool and dry place. The grain can be kept in such good condition for 1 year in refrigerator.

Buckwheat flour should be stored in the same conditions and in a refrigerator, where it will stand in good condition for several months.

Once cooked, if we want to preserve the grain, we must do so in refrigeration. Even in summer (and especially at this time of year), food is usually left at room temperature for cooling. This is when bacteria can develop in the food causing gastroenteritis, as the high ambient temperatures are ideal for the growth of these microorganisms. Therefore, always keep cooked dishes in the refrigerator.

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