How to prepare canned olives at home?

Canned olives recipe


Olives are rich in vitamin E, fat and fiber.

This recipe also contains aperitive properties due to its wealth in digestive herbs.

Attention!!! Canned leaves are sodium-rich so this must be taken into account in people with hypertension or those who use to retain liquids


Ingredients of canned olives

Preparation of canned olives

  • Cover the olives with water for seven days and change the water every day.

  • Prepare the brine water ratio: 10:1 salt. That is, for example, 10 liters of water per 1kg. salt.

  • Pack the olives with brine in airtight glass jars. Place the herbs in each jar.

  • Note the date of filling on the glass lid with a marker or a label.

    Canned leaves can be consumed from the third or fourth month on.

    They expire after a year and a half of its packaging.

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