Side effects of clove

(Eugenia caryophyllata)


Side effects of clove

- Dermatitis: Cloves may cause dermatitis or skin irritation by direct contact. The essential oil is very irritating and can cause blisters or burns.

- Gastritis: Clove is very rich in eugenol, a component which, in high doses, can be irritating to the digestive mucosa. Its use in high doses can cause gastritis to people with sensitive stomachs. Clove remedies may be contraindicated in case of heartburn and digestive ulcers.

- Allergy: Some people may have allergies to clove.

Precautions when taking clove

- NO treatments can be made with clove during pregnancy and lactation.

* More information: Plants and pregnancy.

Dry clove
Dry clove

Clove for babies and children?

Babies and children who are teething are often administered remedies for toothache with clove oil. This is a very dangerous treatment: Infants are more susceptible to the components of the nail and, if you exceed the dose, it can produce side effects to the nervous system.

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