Side effects of cypress

(Cupressus sempervirens)


Cypress is considered safe when used at recommended doses. No significant side effects have been described for this plant.

Photo of cypress fruits
Photo of cypress fruits

What are cypress contraindications?

  • Dermatitis: cypress can cause dermatitis or skin irritation by direct contact with skin.

  • Sleepiness: cypress essential oil is rich in cedrol. This component has a sedative effect and is part of the composition of some sleeping pills drugs.

  • Allergy: the plant can cause allergies, especially to people allergic to conifers.

Precautions with cypress

  • Pregnancy and lactation: cypress essential oil is neurotoxic and oxytocic. Because it stimulates uterine musculature,, the plant is totally contraindicated in pregnancy. Neither is recommended to use it in lactation.

  • The essential oil can be toxic if administered at higher than recommended doses

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