Food for cellulite

What treatments are effective against cellulite?

In addition to using cellulite creams, and remedies made with plants, other effective alternative cellulite treatments are massages with essential oils from aromatic plants.

This type of massage promotes circulation and increases lymphatic drainage. Among the most used oils for cellulite, we can mention the following :

Eucalyptus essential oil
essential oil is used for massages against cellulite.

Geranium essential oils

Frankincense essential oil

Sage essential oil

Lemon essential oil

Rosemary essential oil

Verbena essential oil

Eucalyptus essential oil

Therapeutic massage and lymphatic drainage are two of the best treatments and the combination of both is excellent.

Rosemary for cellulity
Essential oil of rosemary is also used in the same way

Lymphatic drainage for cellulite

When cellulite begins to develop, the first thing that happens is an obstruction of the drainage of the area related with this problem, leading to congestion of the connective tissue.

This makes drainage worse, as there is a compression of the capillaries to dilate which causes edema, reason why it called edematous cellulite.

Lymphatic drainage helps eliminate fluids which greatly improves cellulite

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