Anemia caused by low iron


What is iron deficiency anemia?

Iron deficiency anemia is a type of anemia that occurs because of low iron levels prevent adequate production of red blood cells needed for the necessary transmission of oxygen to the cells.

The body absorbs iron from the foods we eat. When the amount of dietary iron is scarce, or when blood is lost in everyday language, the body is running out of iron stores and see this type of anemia. It usually occurs in a gradual, increasing in intensity slowly and gradually weakening the body.

This type of anemia is the most common of all. It is much more common in women (20%) than men (3%) and affects half of all pregnant women. It is a disease that can be more easily in women of blood lost during menstruation, especially in anomalies such as vaginal bleeding (Metrorrhagia), or in infancy. You can also occur in children during periods of rapid growth.

Symptoms of iron deficiency anemia?

Between the main symptoms of the anemia for want of iron we have:

- Continued fatigue.

- Fatigue with little effort.

- Excessive sweat.

- Problems in the breathing.

- Pale or yellowish Color of the skin.

- Problems in the nails.

- Ringing in the ears.

- Loss of appetite

- Sink or urge to ingest food without nutritional value (mud, ice, hair, paint, etc)

- Headache

- Lack of concentration or memory loss.

- Incapacity of sleeping.

Causes of iron deficiency anemia?

The main causes that produce this type of anemia are:

- Diet low in iron-rich foods.

- Excessive loss of blood caused by factors such as:

- Abundant Menstruations

- Ulcers of stomach.

- Tumors of the stomach or intestines.

- Habitual nosebleeds

- Bleeding hemorrhoids.

- Excessive iron loss caused by such factors as:

- Alcohol

- Fast growth in the childhood or youth.

- Pregnancy or breast-feeding.

Diagnosis and treatment of iron deficiency anemia?

When one notices symptoms that may suggest the existence of anemia, it is necessary to visit a doctor to diagnose the possible existence of this disease. Blood tests will help determine the diagnosis.

The high-priority objective of the treatment supposes the elimination of the causes that originate the problem.


For the treatment of the anemia, natural remedies can be used as an aid to the treatment offered by the doctor, with him the convenience of using the following resources should be consulted:

- The use of medicinal plants that can stimulate the body's production of iron.

- The adoption of a suitable diet to restore adequate iron levels.

- The use of appropriate complements

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