Lettuce recipes

How to prepare lettuce recipes


Some lettuce recipes:

- Varied salad

- Chicory salad

- Hard egg salad

- Persimmon salad

- Agar agar salad with tempeh

In the photo: tropical salad of acai with, lettuce mango, goji berries, chia seeds and palm hearts.

Sandwich with nori seaweed and lettuce recipe


- 2 slices of tin loaf

- Tofunesa sauce.

- Lettuce

- Chickpea croquettes with seaweed or ham

- Nori seaweed flakes or shredded seaweed


- Spread tofunesa on the bread.

- Place the toasted nori cut into strips or flakes

- Place the lettuce

- Fill with chickpea croquette, with seaweed or ham

- Serve with salad or parsnip chips sprinkled with pepper


Original sandwich suitable for vegetarians and people allergic to eggs.

It is also ideal for children as part of a balanced diet.

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