Medicinal plants studies

-Number 39-


Vanilla plant

Vanilla: Vanilla is a good supplement to treat muscle pain, headache, with the added value of its relaxing and anxiolytic properties. It is also a good analgesic for stomach pain and it has got digestive properties....

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Sciatica pain

Sciatica: In the treatment of sciatica, the first thing to be done is bed rest in order to deflate the nerve. Sometimes it is not necessary to take medication.

Sciatica remedies: Taking a bath where a liter of nettle infusion has been added relaxes the sciatic nerve and reduces pain...


Brazil nuts properties

Brazil nuts: As a result of its high content in selenium, Brazil nuts help increase the defenses protecting the body against infectious diseases...

Millet: It is suitable for people with celiac disease, because it contains no gluten....

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guacamole with nachos

Guacamole recipe and properties: Guacamole is one of the healthiest starters, because in addition to its antioxidant properties, it is a dish rich in fiber and good fats from avocado...

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purple verbena (Verbena bonariensis)

- Vervain cultivation: Although it can be planted in pots, it is ideal for flower beds in public or private gardens which form very tight and elegant massifs. They are also used as hanging plants on balconies or terraces...


Flower of contest

Do you know wich flower is it?

Flower contest:
Perennial plant with very big yellow flowers and stems to 1 meter high. Native from Turkey and Armenia. (Caucasus)

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