Millet soup with soy milk

How to make a millet soup with soy milk



- 100g millet flakes.

- 50g millet powder.

- 750ml of soymilk.

- Sugar

- Cinnamon stick.


- About 6 hours before consumption, millet flakes must be introduced into in a bowl with 1 / 2l soy drink with cinnamon sticks, to be hydrated and take flavor.

- After the hydration time, heat the mixture with a little more soy drink and introduce sugar to taste.

- If a more liquid texture is desired, add more soy drink. If a denser texture is preferred, only add millet powder.

- When the desired texture is achieved, pour into individual bowls and let stand for cooling.

- When serving, sprinkle with cinnamon.

When to serve it

It is used as a dessert.

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