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Cinamon with an icecream

Cinamon contraindications: cinnamon contains substances taken in high doses could cause liver damage...

Properties of rosemary essential oil: You can prepare a seborrhea lotion based on essential oils of rosemary, lavender and sunflower...

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Remedies for amnesia: Ginseng promotes a better irrigation of the brain with the consequent improvement of mental work....

Supplements for memory loss: Folic acid reduces the risk of stroke. A deficiency of this vitamin causes, among other symptoms, causes lack of memory....

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cooked legumes

Properties of legumes: Legumes are an ideal food for any diet, especially for vegetarians who do not eat meat, because they contain a lot of protein....

How to cook legumes: Cooking water should not contain much calcium or magnesium since these minerals are combined with legumin of legumes and they remain hard after cooking...

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Celery salad

Celery recipes: This salad is rich in fiber, especially because of artichokes. Fiber is a unique component of the plant world, and our body needs to maintain intestinal health, which is the center of the body's immunity...

Legumes recipes

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Photo of cypress fruits

Cypress cultivation: Cypress requires a sunny exposure, although it can even be planted in partial shade. Its wind resistance is high and it is very resistant to heat, drought and contamination...


Do you know wich flower is it?

Contest flower

Flower contest: It is a plant of the daisy family. Perennial plant that is characterized by forming large clumps, reason why it is widely used in gardening for floor coverings...

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Flower contest:
Perennial plant with very big yellow flowers and stems to 1 meter high. Native from Turkey and Armenia. (Caucasus)

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