Pomegranate toxicity


Can preparations with pomegranate be toxic?

The prepared root and stem bark of pomegranate contain toxic alkaloids (especially peletierine and pseudopeletierine) and tannins.

Used improperly, preparations of pomegranate can cause damage to the body, so it not recommended to use them in homemade preparations.

What are the symptoms of poisoning with pomegranate bark?

Among the most characteristic symptoms, we have the following:

- Hypertension.

- Nausea and vomiting.

- Diarrhea.

- Headache, failure of vision and dizziness.

- Cramps, tingling and tremors.

- Depression and weakness.

- In severe cases, convulsions, respiratory failure and death by paralysis.

What are the contraindications of pomegranate bark?

It is contraindicated for pregnant women, nursing mothers, children under 5 years and for depressed or very nervous people.

For its tannin content, preparations of pomegranate bark (roots, stems or fruits) are not convenient for people with intestinal problems such as stomach ulcer or gastritis.

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