Selenium side effects

Adverse effects of selenium

What are the side effects of selenium?

The main side effects of selenium might appear as follows:

- Vomiting

- Personal discomfort

- Wakeness

- Itching and skin rashes

- Eye irritation

- Hair loss

- White hair

- Nails with stripes

- Nails inflamed

- Brittle nails

- Difficulty in blood clotting

- Breast tenderness

- Flushing

- Abdominal pain

- Dizziness

- Hepatic problems

- Renal failure

- Etc

Food containing much selenium
Photo of foods high in selenium: nuts, legumes and whole grains.

What other side effects are attributed to selenium?

In addition to the above effects there is also:

- Increased recurrence of skin cancers

- Increased likelihood of type II diabetes

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