A good salad for cholesterol

Properties of avocado with tomatoes and cheese

- All salads are a source of vitamins and flavonoids with antioxidant properties.

- It provides magnesium, folic acid and vitamin C, nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

- Burgos cheese or Mozzarella contain protein and calcium, but also fat and cholesterol, so it should be consumed in moderation.

- In addition, tomato contains lycopene, a component that improves heart health and also has been shown to fight against prostatitis and prostate cancer.


Avocado is an excellent source of healthy fats. It has health benefits such as lowering cholesterol, increase levels of good cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease.

For people with cholesterol problems, obesity or hypertension it is recommended to use low-fat cheese or 0%.

- People with obesity problems should moderate the amount of avocado oil and dressings.

- It is an excellent salad for diabetes.

- It is recommended to pregnant or breastfeeding women for its energy value and intake of calcium.


Ingredients of the recipe

- 1 large tomato per person

- 70 g. fresh cheese or mozzarella per person

- ¼ avocado per person

- Dry oregano

- Ground black pepper

- Extra virgin olive oil to season

- Salt

tricolor salad with tomato, cheese and avocado.
Photography of tricolor salad with tomato, cheese and avocado.

Salad preparation

- Wash the tomato and cut into slices with the desired thickness, in the horizontal direction to the base of the tomato.

- Cut the cheese similarly to tomato.

- Split the avocado in half, remove the seed and separate the pulp from the skin with a spoon.

- Slice half an avocado.

- Place all ingredients in a serving dish decoratively. It may be, for example, as seen in the photograph. Another variant is to cut very thin slices so that the colors blend in better. With cherry tomatoes, you can do mini-vegetarian canapes.

- Season with olive oil and sprinkle some pepper or oregano leaves.

- Serve as a starter or accompaniment

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