How to eat avocados

Avocado in the kitchen


What are the best avocados?

The best avocados are those with smooth skin, no marks, stains, etc. They must be ripe to eat.

A good way to check whether an avocado is ripe is to move it a bit to notice if its bone moves inside.

The habit of squeezing avocados to check if they are raw is not suitable because this ends up ruining them.

Avocado is a fruit that, when ripe, does not last for long. For this reason, it is usually sold green.

If you buy an avocado that is not mature, it can be ripened at home. To do this we will introduce it in a bag with a few bananas or wrap it with newspaper.

Can avocados be frozen?

Avocados should not be frozen because cold spoils them. Nor they should be kept it in the refrigerator too long, especially in the coldest part.

An avocado can be frozen if it is already free of rind and especially when it is cooked. If we freeze prepared avocados, better put them in an airtight plastic box before inserting them into the freezer.

Photo of avocados

Photo of avocados

How to use avocado in recipes?

In order to cook or eat avocados, pulp must be removed from the rind . To do so, follow these steps:

  • With the help of a knife, cut the avocado along, making a deep incision reaching the bone around all the fruit.
  • Once the incision is done, separate it into two pieces.
  • With a spoon, remove the bone and separate the pulp from the bark, leaving the pulp into a bowl.
  • So as an avocado does not rust, we can wet it with lemon.

Photo of endive salad with walnuts and avocado

Photo of endive salad with walnuts and avocado

What dishes can be made with avocado?

  • Raw avocado:

Avocados can be eaten fresh in salads directly, adding some diced avocado pulp in it.

It can also be used to scrub up bread or toast at breakfast or as a snack in the morning or mid-afternoon.

Place some diced avocado in a fruit salad, adding to this dish the peculiar flavor of avocado.

Baked potatoes are delicious when eaten with cold avocado.

salad with mixed greens, avocado, tomato and vinaigrette

Photography of salad with mixed greens, avocado, tomato and vinaigrette

  • Cooked avocado

Avocado can also be cooked. With it, different avocado soups can be made, as Peruvian avocado soup. You can make sauces such as guacamole from Mexico or guasacaca from Venezuela.

People who do not follow a vegetarian diet can include it as a dressing for seafood.

Some recipes with avocado

Avocado salad, corn, tomato and cheese

Stuffed avocados


Properties guacamole

Tricolor salad

Avocado salad with sesame

Avocado salad with purslane

Avocado salad with cabbage

Avocado salad with lettuce and tomato

Salad with avocado, yoghurt and endive

Guacamole with kefir

Pizza with mushrooms with artichokes and avocado

Oranges baked with avocado

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23 March, 2020

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