- Fresh lettuce, washed and drained

- Turnips, tender and fresh, well washed.

- Tomatoes, clean and cut into wedges

- Sunflower seeds, peeled and roasted

- Extra virgin olive oil

- Vinegar of Modena

- Virgin olive oil

- Salt


- Cut the lettuce

- Place the lettuce on a plate

- Arrange the tomato slices on the plate, decoratively

- Grate the turnips on top of lettuce

- Sprinkle sunflower seeds over

- Season to taste with oil and vinegar.

- Serve as a starter or accompaniment.


It is a light meal, low in calories and very nutritious. It contains fiber, good quality fats (olive oil and sunflower seeds), vitamin C (turnip) and lycopene (tomato). It is definitely a purifying and diuretic dish, heart healthy.

It can be taken on low-fat diets, diets for diabetes and menopause.

More information about turnips in the listing above.

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