Ricinus communis L.

Castor-oil plant


Ricinus communis

Photo of Ricinus communis L.

Ricinus communis L. - (Castor-oil plant)

Perennial or annual tree or shrub of the spurge family - Euphorbiaceae- that can reach 12 m. tall in tropical or subtropical climates, but it generally remains a single shrub or even a herb of 2'5 to 3 m, when found in temperate places. Very big attractive reddish leaves, reaching 80 cm wide; petiolated and palmate. Flowers grouped in panicles; those above female with reddish stigmas; the ones below, male yellow-greenish. Fruit in capsule, with or withouth spines.

Native from Central Africa, It is being cultivated in many hot climates and sometines naturalized or used as a garden plant.

Medicinal plant. See properties Study of plants Cultivation details

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