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Recommended foods for breast inflammation

pumpking seeds
Pumpkin seeds are very good for breast inflammation

The most recommended foods are:

  • Unsaturated fatty oils: Recommended foods are particularly rich in unsaturated fatty oils such as pumpkin, sunflower seeds or sesame.

  • Foods rich in vitamin E: The vegetables that have this vitamin are the fats of vegetal origin:

    - Wheat germ oil(20.3 mgs by spoonful),

    - Sunflower seeds (14, 8 mgs by ounce)

    - Hazelnuts (6.7 mgs by ounce)

    - Sunflower oil (6.3 mgs by ounce)

    - Toasted almonds (6.7 mgs by ounce)

    - Olive oil (1.67 mgs by teaspoon)

Other vegetal sources have it in smaller amounts, like apple (1.6 mgs by apple) or asparagus (0.4 mgs by each two stems).

Mangoes and the avocados would also have it, in smaller amounts.

Many other vegetables have this vitamin but in quantities too small to be worth naming.

Non recommended foods for breast inflammation

Sausages and other fatty meats are not good for breast inflammation

  • Plant foods rich in saturated fats cause an increase in estrogens

    - Fatty meats

    - Sausages

    - Whole milk or non-fat dairy

    - Bakery or bakery items

    - Etc

  • Exciting drinks, food, such as coffee, alcohol or tobacco, increase the pain.

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