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Disadvantages of a vegetarian diet


Inappropriate types of vegetarian diets

As an example of inadequate vegetarian diets are some situations where nutrition is based largely on consumption of unhealthy occasional food, as pastries, cookies, etc..

Other unbalanced vegetarian diets are those where you eat too much of only one food group, for example, a diet consisting on eating 90% fruit, leaving only 10% to cover all the other nutrients that the fruit does not provide.

Or when one virtually eliminates the consumption of any food group and nutrients which are not substituted in any other way, for example, if we eliminate animal protein, but we do not bring any food rich in vegetable protein as a substitute.

Eating an ice-cream

The errors are not necessarily representative exclusively among vegetarian people. A vegetarian diet, as in any type of diet, can cause nutritional deficiencies and errors, if you do not pay enough attention the food you eat. A vegetarian diet is never healthy is there is some deficiency in some nutrient, missing, for example, an essential amino acids, vitamins or minerals.

In some situations, such as pregnancy or lactation, growing children or people who grow older it is not recommended to perform a strict vegetarian, vegan or even a more restrictive diet, unless you provide additional supplementation to cover nutrient deficiencies.

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