Milk and cereals for dinner

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Milk and cereals for dinner

Is it good to eat milk and cereals for dinner?


Why milk with cereals is so appealing to us?

- The appetite for sweets usually responds to a diet low in carbohydrates. The main source of carbohydrates are bread and cereals.

- People who perform poor-carbohydrate unbalanced diets may feel uncontrollable craving for milk, cereals and other sweet foods such as bread or chocolate.

- Eating few carbohydrates can cause problems of nervousness, in addition to slow metabolism which, in turn causes, yo-yo effect.

- Grains provide many B vitamins, whose deficit is associated with insomnia and nervousness.

- Milk is rich in tryptophan, an amino acid precursor of serotonin, which helps to relax.

milk with cereals
Photo of milk with cereal (cornflakes)without sugar added.

What do milk with cereals provide us? Calories, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fiber from milk with cereals

- Skim milk provides about 200 Kcal.

- It contains 35 g. carbohydrates, a fairly high amount for dinner, considering that we are going to rest and we will not burn this energy.

- If there is some resistance to insulin (menopause, obesity, diabetes), this high amount of carbohydrates can cause hyperglycemia which makes the excessive sugar to become fat rapidly.

- This combination does not provide enough protein for dinner.

- It contributes with very little fiber, which is so necessary to eliminate cholesterol, caring intestines and preventing constipation.

- Milk with cereals does not provide vitamin C, because there is no fruit included. One should remember to take vitamin C at each meal, as it remains only 5 hours in the body.

Nutritional Composition of milk with cereals

Food Calories
(200 ml.)
75,2 7,8 9,8 0,40
(30 g.)
112 2,4 24,6 0,24
WHOLE AMOUNT 187,2 10,2 34,4 0,64

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