Fats for chemotherapy

Suitable and unsuitable fats for chemotherapy

Which fats to eat during chemo?

Foods rich in fats recommended during chemotherapy:

Fats are by definition not a nutrient that facilitates digestion, but they are essential to absorb other nutrients vital and necessary for the beneficial effects that they provide, such as fat-soluble vitamins (vitamin a, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K).

In addition, they are required for the formation of multiple structures of our body and are a source of energy that doubles the energy provided by carbohydrates and proteins (increased energy needs).

Therefore, fats should form part of the diet, but must contribute them through foods containing good quality fats such as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated.

Which oil is best for chemotherapy diet?

The most recommended food with high fat content for chemotherapy is virgin olive oil. It has a smooth flavor and aroma, since the very pronounced aromas and flavors create aversion during chemotherapy treatment.

Consumption of virgin olive oil, give us its antioxidant effects due to its vitamin E, while in addition to its intrinsic properties, it also makes it possible to provide the absorption of fat soluble vitamins mentioned above in order to provide to our organism with their beneficial effects:

  • Tissue regenerative and antioxidant properties (vitamin A)

  • Healing antioxidant (vitamin C)

  • Antioxidant, moisturizing and lubricating properties against constipation (vitamin E)

  • Regulator of blood coagulation (vitamin K).

    Virgin olive oil for chemotherapy

    Virgin olive oil is the most recommended fat during chemotherapy

Fatty foods NOT RECOMMENDED during chemotherapy:

Foods with high fat content that are are discouraged during the period of chemotherapy are:

  • Olive oil with a very intense taste and smell. Because they are aversive

  • Vegetable oils of lesser quality but tasteless (refined vegetable oils).

  • Low quality fats: Other foods that are are not recommended during treatment with chemotherapy are those with a fat content of low quality, that is, they mainly contain saturated fats.

Besides being difficult to digest, they result pro inflammatory whereupon their intake is clearly considered counterproductive. Among them, we have, for example, whole dairy products, butter, cream or milk cream, cheese, etc

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19 March, 2019

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