Carbohydrates for chemotherapy

Suitable and unsuitable carbohydrates for chemotherapy

Which carbohydrates to eat during chemo?

Easily digestible foods rich in carbohydrates:

Among the most digestible foods rich in carbohydrates we have:

  • Refined carbohydrates: Refined carbohydrates, like rice, pasta, bread and potatoes have a much better digestion tolerated for the treatment of chemotherapy than the same foods but in their whole form.
  • Rusts of toasts: Bread is digested much better if rusks or toast than fresh and tender.

Foods rich in carbohydrates are difficult to digest by people under chemotherapy:

Within the rich in carbohydrates food like rice, pasta, potatoes and bread, people under chemotherapy must choose those that are not in its whole form.

Raw fruits,

Refined bread is better than whole bread

Fiber hinders digestion, besides being irritating to the digestive tract (especially the insoluble) and could aggravate the symptoms of indigestion, proving to be counterproductive.

Pulses are not recommended

Pulses are not recommended in chemotherapy diet

In the case of pulses, their consumption is also not recommended because of its high fiber content, which may cause the same drawbacks as the aforementioned grain products and generate flatulence.

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29 March, 2019

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