Cleaning infected wounds



Natural products to heal wounds

Severe injuries require hospital care as soon as possible. Equally serious burns should receive medical attention. However, some natural remedies can be used at home to treat minor injuries.

The use of these resources will help to reduce pain, to prevent possible infection and facilitate healing.

The main natural resource to treat wounds could include the following:

Vitamins for wounds

The following vitamins are very interesting:

- Vitamin C: Because of its healing properties, the intake of food rich in this vitamin will help improve the conditions of a wound, facilitating healing. The usual dose is 3000 mg per day split into 3 doses for about 4 / 5 days or eating citric fruits.

arbol del cacao
Lemon is rich in vitamin C

- Vitamin A: Like vitamin C, it contributes to wound healing, prevents infections, reduces inflammation and helps the skin heal properly.

- Vitamin E: It can be applied externally, with a little oil on the skin or taken internally, in this case, the usual dose is about 300 IU per day during the first days.

Herbal supplements for wounds

- Aloe: Aloe gel, available in pharmacies or herbalists' or taken directly from the leaves of the plant helps to heal wounds when applied 3 or 4 times on the same day.

aloe vera
Aloe vera gel is used to treat burns

- Echinacea: The oil of this plant, mixed with warm water, about 3 drops per tablespoon, helps improve and prevents wounds from becoming infected.

Echinacea flowers
Echinacea flowers

- Golden seal: Golden seal tincture is applied directly to wounds to prevent infection, favors scarring and help prevent excessive blood output.

- Calendula: Like aloe, calendula cream, available in pharmacies and herbalists', can be applied to the wounds 3 or 4 times a day, which promotes healing.

Calendula flowers
Calendula flowers

- Melaleuca / Lavender: The oil of these plants, diluted in water, can be used for washing wounds or as a prevention method for infections.

Calendula flowers
Lavender dry flowers

Mineral supplements for wounds

- Selenium: Selenium helps healing and prevents scar formation, increasing skin elasticity. The usual dose is about 200 mg daily during the first days.

punto rojo More information about wounds its natural treatment in the listing above.

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