Basil characteristics

What is a basil plant?

Characteristics of basil (Ocimum basilicum)

Basil drawing
Drawing of basil

Common noun: Basil, sweet basil.

Scientific noun: Ocimum basilicum L.

Family. Mint family – Lamiaceae

Habitat: Garden plant, native from India.

Annual herb up to 1 m. Erect stems, round below, squared above. Ovate or lanceolate leaves, opposite till 5 cm long, long petiolated, darker above.

Botanical description of Basil

Very odorous flowers grouped in spikes, loose verticils with 6 flowers each.

Calyx with 6 lobes, edge-ciliated. White or pink corolla, stamens white. Upper lip with 4 lobes, lower one undivided.

Picking-up and storing basil leaves and flowers

Leaves and floral summits should be collected in summer. They must be dried in the shade and be kept in crystal containers very well closed.

Active components of Basil

Essence with linanol, estragole and eugenol.

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21 April, 2022

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