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Approximately one third of the beeswax produced in the world goes to the production of natural cosmetic products.

Beeswax possesses many virtues that make it suitable for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes, as for the preparation of ointments, soaps and creams.

What is beeswax?

candles made with beeswax.
Photograph of candles made with beeswax.

Beeswax is a product that certain bees themselves make from glands located in their abdomen. It is the young bees that mainly produce wax.

It has a fat composition and with it the bees manufacture their honeycombs and, when they are in free state, their hives.

The elaboration of the wax requires a great energy effort on the part of the bees. It is considered that a bee should consume 4 to 12 kg of honey to produce 1 kg of wax.

Beeswax is extracted from the honeycombs by heat to convert it into a product that has various home and industrial uses.

What is beeswax used for?

Beeswax is a fatty excipient from which its bacteriostatic, emollient, anti-inflammatory and healing properties are exploited.

Within the world of cosmetics, beeswax is widely used.

Properties of beeswax for skin

Because of its astringent and nutritive properties, beeswax forms the basis of numerous creams and masks for the skin, which eliminate the impurities, whitening the skin and provide a brighter and whiter texture.

Among the numerous preparations we can mention the following:

Wax has been a very suitable resource for hair removal. Initially it was practically destined to feminine hair removal, but lately with the greater male tendency to depilate, it is alsoused in the masculine hair removal.

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Therapeutic uses of beeswax

The modern pharmaceutical industry uses beeswax in the manufacture of medicines for people or animals. Bee wax has traditionally been used in the composition of some natural remedies. Among the main applications we could mention the following:

  • Care of teeth and mouth: Beeswax is very rich in vitamin A with antioxidant properties. At the same time, beeswax is considered as a good healing and anti-inflammatory.

Chewing a piece of beeswax, as it is extracted from the combs, is considered very interesting for the care of the mouth. Its use can be used to prevent or cure bad breath or to clear the mouth of nicotine in smokers.

All of the properties related with its astringent ability, beeswax is also well suited for the treatment of mouth ulcers of gingivitis. (Chew a fragment of honeycomb wax)

  • Indigestion: The digestive problems caused by lazy stomachs can be solved by chewing beeswax as this product is able to stimulate the production of gastric acid and saliva.

This remedy could also be used in the treatment of anomalies such as xerostomia or dry mouth. (In addition to honeycomb wax, honey and wax candies can be used)

  • Skin diseases: Beeswax is able to heal wounds, cuts, abscesses or other abnormalities of the skin.
  • Fragile nails: Beeswax is used to give shine and resistance to the nail…

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16 June, 2021

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