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Herbal shampoo for dry hair


What is dry shampoo?

Dry shampoo is the one that is used without wetting the head. It has the advantage of being very fast and does not require hair dry after washing it.

It can be used when we do not have the opportunity to have water at our disposal and we have very messy hair, when we are in bed and can’t wash our head, etc.

Is dry shampoo healthy for your hair?

If applied properly, it does not damage your hair. On the contrary, it can be used when having to wash it too frequently.

You can interchange it with the use of other shampoos.

Some types of dry shampoos

dry hair

Dry hair, besides being difficult to comb, can be prone to fall.

  • Dry shampoo of oats: Oats promotes hair care by acting on the scalp which protects, hydrates and eliminates any imperfections. (Pour a few drops of lavender oil in a bowl of oatmeal. Mix well. Brush your hair thoroughly, pour oats on the hair, rubbing your fingers across the capillary zone. Clean all hair with a bristle brush from front to back )
  • Dry shampoo of talc: Sprinkle talcum powder on the hair. Massage the scalp to neutralize the fat powder and brush it as described above.
  • Dry shampoo of maize: In order to remove grease from hair and give more shine to it without having to wash it, make gentle friction with the tips of the fingers on your scalp that has been sprinkled with a tablespoon of cornmeal. Leave it on for quarter of an hour and clean with a brush.

Shampoo to remove chlorine from the swimming pool

Rinsing with soda water: Mix half a teaspoon of soda powder with neutral baby shampoo.

Apply on your hair and wash it thoroughly with water.

Rewash again with a neutral shampoo.

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26 September, 2022

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