Harmful fats for acne

Do fats cause acne?

Is it true that fats cause acne?

Some research has determined that in some cases, acne is the consequence of an inflammatory process. Greasy foods, such as cold cuts, sausages, chocolates, fried foods, snacks or bakery products, are not beneficial at all since the bad fats they contain increase the inflammatory state of the body, seriously damaging skin lesions.

Are all fats bad for acne?

healthy fats
Photo of healthy fats

This should not apply to all fats, because there are certain types of fat that are very beneficial for acne. These are the foods that provide healthy fats, such as avocado or flax seeds. Consumed in normal amounts, they are nutritious foods for the skin and anti-inflammatory.

Healthy fats for acne

Vegetable oils should also be reduced since their consumption produces a disproportionate increase in omega 6 fats, which prevents the correct metabolism of omega 3. Therefore, it is recommended:

  • Avoid fried foods and snacks with vegetable oils.
  • Moderate the amount of oil used in dressings and cooking.
  • Consume ground flax or chia seeds for their anti-inflammatory role.
  • Consume a serving of walnuts 3-5 times a week.
  • Omega 3 supplements are not recommended, because the diet outweighs the benefits of any supplement.

Does chocolate cause acne?

Although it is widely believed, there is no evidence that cocoa causes or aggravates acne. The components of chocolate that can aggravate acne are precisely milk and the high sugar content, already mentioned above.

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What chocolate is healthy for acne?

Chocolate photo

Avoid chocolate bars, but there is no reason to eliminate pure cocoa powder (without added sugar) or 70% or higher chocolate.

To make sure you buy low-sugar chocolate, it is recommended to read the labels and check that the first ingredient is not sugar.

Do alcohol and tobacco use influence acne?

Alcohol and tobacco have detrimental effects on acne by increasing inflammation in the body, especially when taken every week. Its consumption is not recommended, since it is also harmful in many other areas of health and life.

How to replace these foods with added sugars and flours?

All these foods can be substituted for options that are much more nutritious and advisable for growth and for health in general, by increasing the consumption of vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains and nuts. As examples, raw and cooked carrots, mangoes, kiwis, oranges, lentils, tofu, chickpeas, seaweed, avocado, rolled oats, broccoli, eggs, radishes, cauliflower and other crucifers.

List of foods that cause acne and how to replace them. It is true that some foods should be avoided in case of acne.

Tips to eliminate added sugars and their substitutes

Here are some recipes to reduce the amount of sugar, flour, and dairy in your diet:

  • Consume more fruits and nuts, which are the best snack or breakfast.
  • Eliminate sugary breakfast cereals, muesli with syrups, honey or sugars and substitute them with healthier options such as: fine rolled oat, homemade muesli, oat porridge, whole wheat toast with avocado, with hummus, with tomato, omelette with vegetables, beet hummus, tofu, etc.
toasts with avocado and sesame
Photo of toasts with avocado and sesame, recipe rich in calcium
  • Eliminate sweets and candies and replace with dried apricots, raisins, fig bread, etc.
  • Eliminate industrial pastries, pasta, chocolates and substitute cocoa truffles, nuts and honey balls, raw vegan cashew cake, etc. (occasional)
  • Eliminate industrial cocoa creams with trans or palm fats and replace them with homemade nutella, carob cream or these cocoa truffles (occasional consumption)
  • Eliminate industrial sauces or ketchup and substitute for homemade tomato sauce, homemade guacamole, garlic oil sauce, rosemary oil, aubergine pate, etc.

Do you always have to change your diet to cure acne?

In most cases, the affectation disappears with time and it does not require a specific treatment. In other cases, acne is very recurrent or severe, causing serious skin lesions.

In cases of very recurrent or severe acne, it is advisable to increase the rigidity of the nutritional recommendations, especially in children, who are often prone to buying junk food. Tighter recommendations would mean completely eliminating products with added sugars, industrial fats, fried foods, vegetable oils and flours from the diet, including bread.

In certain cases, it may be advisable to go back to the dermatologist to observe the pustules or pimples and analyze if there is any type of food allergy that has not been previously considered.

To help acne heal faster, you can aid recovery by adding more beta-carotene-rich foods and vitamin C-rich foods to your healthy diet.

acne diet

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28 June, 2021

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