Chickpeas for pregnancy

Is it good to eat chickpeas during pregnancy?


Is it recommended to eat chickpeas in pregnancy?

Chickpeas are very nutritious, energetic and recommendable for pregnancy because they provide different health benefits and interesting nutrients during this stage.

These legumes are very rich in fairly good quality proteins and also contain lots of folic acid and minerals.

A dish of chickpeas provides as much protein as a serving of meat.

For all this, they are a very nutritious food ideal to satisfy the nutritional needs during gestation.

Excellent source of vegetarian protein

It was once thought that vegetable protein was very poor in quality and lacking in many essential amino acids, but at present it has been shown that chickpeas contain all amino acids in very high proportions, although certainly somewhat lower than animal protein.

hummus of chickpeas with sesame

Photo of hummus of chickpeas with sesame, a vegetable pâté rich in proteins

The advantage of chickpeas over meats is that in addition to proteins, they contain much more calcium, folic acid, potassium and magnesium than meat. For this reason it is advisable to include them in the diet of the pregnant woman habitually.

Chickpeas for gestational diabetes

Chickpeas contain slow-absorbing carbohydrates and lots of fiber. These types of carbohydrates are gradually absorbed, so that glucose is gradually incorporated into the blood and does not require much insulin, so that no imbalances of this nutrient in the blood are obtained.

The pregnant woman can eat chickpeas to ensure the glucose supply during the rest of the evening or night, but she should always keep in mind other sources of carbohydrates, such as whole fruits (not juices) or dried fruits (raisins, dried figs, …) to avoid drops of blood glucose.

Properties of chickpeas against constipation

One of the main alterations of the pregnant woman is constipation. Eating foods with high fiber, such as chickpeas, will help to better regulate the intestinal rhythm.

The use of natural resources as a diet rich in fiber is always safer than the use of plant remedies in pregnancy.

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Chickpeas are very rich in folic acid

chickpeas with spinach

Photo of chickpeas with spinach, recipe very rich in folic acid

One of the main virtues of chickpeas for pregnancy is its high content of folic acid (vitamin B9). This vitamin is necessary for the correct multiplication of the cells, which makes it essential in the diet during pregnancy.

Chickpeas are, after vegetables, one of the main foods richest in folic acid.

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Are chickpeas always good?

Raw or hard chickpeas can be very indigestible or produce unpleasant intestinal discomfort.

To improve their digestibility, legumes should be eaten with a long pre-soak and a long cooking .

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10 December, 2021

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