Are omelettes healthy?

Nutritional properties of an omelette


Is it worth eating omelettes?

Eating an omelette is something deserving consideration for some people, specially those who, as they say, do not want to be fat or those who think they must not eat egg dishes because eating eggs is going to increase his/her “bad cholesterol” levels.

Questions that people ask about omelettes?

Many people usually ask themselves:

Are omelettes a healthy dish?

Eating omelettes will increase my cholesterol?

Will I become fat if I usually eat omelettes?

How can I reduce cholesterol in omelettes?

Let’s try to answer all these questions

Zucchini omelette with onion

An example of a vegetable omelette:Zucchini omelette with onion

What are the nutritional properties of omelettes?

Dietetically speaking, an omelette has to be considered a protein dish, because eggs give us good quality protein.

What about cholesterol in eggs?

Omelettes are very rich in cholesterol, because only 1 egg yolk contains 200 mg. cholesterol (the daily limit is 300 mg.).

For this reason, it is desirable for people with high cholesterol, hypertension, heart disease or poor circulation withdraw the egg yolk and prepare omelettes only with the egg white.

However, despite its “bad reputation”, egg yolk contains nutrients that are important for health. Among others, it is rich in lecithin, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin K, which helps the brain function, improve vision problems, strengthen bones and blood clotting, respectively. So, eating eggs in moderation, is healthy. (See properties of eggs in the listing below)

A vegetable omelette. Balancing omelette cholesterol with fiber

Because the egg yolk is rich in cholesterol, to balance this recipe, we must take it with a plant food such as, for example, squash, onions, spinach, accompanied by a low fat salad, etc. The fiber in these foods will help balance the diet.

A vegetable omelette is a simple and easy dish that accepts many variations

What about the caloric content of an omelette?

Considering the calories an omelette gives us, it is a safe dish for lunch, since it will help our brains work better during the day. (Egg yolk provides many calories because of its fat content).

Conclusions about eating omelettes

In short, this dish is very suitable for delivering quality protein in every balanced diet. We must be careful to not take more than 5 eggs a week.

In vegetarian diets, if you reach this amount, remove the yolk and take only the egg white the rest of the week. Another option is to choose lean protein sources like tofu.

Adding turmeric to our omelettes, in addition to color, provides the benefits of curcuminoids to improve digestion, prevent stomach and liver pain.

More information about egg properties.

This article was endorsed by Elisenda Carballido - Dietitian nutritionist. Postgraduate in Phytotherapy and master in Nutrition and Metabolism.
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25 May, 2021

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