Melatonin rich food

Food containing a lot of melatonin


Among the foods with melatonin we will highlight:

Food of animal origin with a lot of melanotin

Plant-based foods rich in melatonin

Cereals and milk are rich in melatonin

Cereals and milk are rich in melatonin

The main ones are the following:

  • Spirulina
  • Cereals: Many cereals contain high amounts of melatonin. Among the main ones of greater to smaller quantity we have the following: Corn, oats, wheat, rice and barley.
  • Seeds: The dried seeds of some fruits and vegetables are rich in melatonin, such as, for example, watermelon seeds, or pumpkin seeds.
  • Nuts: Nuts are very rich in melatonin
  • Fruits: Some fruits contain enough melatonin, especially apples, pomegranates, cherries or bananas.
  • Vegetables: Onions are especially rich in melatonin. Tomatoes also contain this component.
  • Ginger: The root of this plant is rich in melatonin

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7 July, 2020

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