Do proteins fatten?

Can I become fat if I take a lot of proteins?

Calories in proteins

calcular requerimientos de proteina para deportista en el deporte

Example of dietary calculation of foods rich in protein. The diet should not be exclusive in protein foods, but it is necessary to ingest vegetables, fruits and all food groups (not just those rich in protein) to meet the nutritional requirements of the body, such as vitamin C, E, vitamin B, magnesium, calcium, etc.

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How many calories proteins have?

Each gram of protein we eat gives us the same caloric ratio as carbohydrates, that is to say, 4 kcal per gram of protein.

However, unlike carbohydrates, protein should not be a source of energy. Its combustion is more complicated and causes a series of nitrogenous residues that are toxic for our organism. If we eat too much protein, we will accumulate it and we will not be able to eliminate it correctly.

Can you gain weight by eating only protein?

Protein diets are more and more in the novelty, such as Atkin’s diet

All these diets are characterized by a very low nutritional and energy intake, which in the long run can be harmful to health. (More information)

In addition to the health risks, it is possible that a strict diet with only proteins (without significant contribution of carbohydrates, fats or oil) will achieve weight loss.

But most likely, the weight gain will become later, with the rebound effect after dieting. That is to say, when returning to a balanced diet, there will be an increase in weight due to the altered metabolism that has caused the strict diet.

Can you become fat taking hyperproteic supplements?

Excess of protein is transformed into body fat, as is the case with excess carbohydrates, oils or fats. Taking too much protein or an unbalanced diet will result in excessive intake resulting in an increase in body fat.

For this reason, protein-rich foods should be introduced into the diet and counted in the same way as other food groups.

Special caution should be exercised with the use of high protein supplements, as they are very different in quality and some of them may be rich in sugar.

Protein supplements for sports

Normally, sports protein supplements contain whey protein and sugar or sweetener. These supplements are often the most economical because whey protein from milk is a by-product of the food industry of cheese production.

The more or less elaborate supplements add other components such as L-Carnitine (helps to burn fats), L-Taurine or caffeine (increase sports performance) and / or less sugars. There are many compositions and qualities.

The supervision and advice of a dietitian is recommended.

Problems of taking too much protein

We must take into account the multiple and possible negative effects of an excessive intake of proteins, such as acidification and decalcification of our body, which can trigger future diseases such as osteoporosis.

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9 February, 2024

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