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Issue of home curative medicine

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Medicinal plants

Caraway properties

Caraway is used as a spice since time immemorial because it can combat bloating and cramping.

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Curative diets

Diet for bad circulation

People who tend to have "thick blood" should choose foods that are rich in blood-thinning components.

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Natural medicine

Bad circulation in the legs

It has been shown how the use of extracts from ginkgo can improve one of the most painful and limiting circulatory diseases of the legs that usually appear among the elderly...

Remedies for bad circulation in the legs

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Natural food

Citrus nutritional benefits

Citrus fruits are mainly characterized by their large fruits that contain large amounts of vitamin C, limonoids, flavonoids and citric acid.

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Vegetarian recipes

Cleansing salad

Arugula salad, with arugula leaves, alfalfa sprouts and radishes, seasoned with mustard, vinegar of Modena and virgin olive oil.

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Plant cultivation

Climbing plants cultivation

Climbing plants or vines are ideal for the garden, especially usable in gardens of small size, since its vertical growth allows its use in areas where we have little surface.

Contest: Flower of the month

Do you know which flower is it?

Ornamental herbaceous plant of the Liliaceae family. Rhizomatic plant, noted for its colorful flowers.

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