Aloe vera for diabetes

Improve diabetes with aloe vera

Why is aloe vera good for diabetes?

ALOE VERA has antidiabetic properties that enable it to help treat diabetes:

aloe vera
Picture of aloe vera plant


aloeThe plant extract is consumed according to the instructions on the package insert. Its benefits for diabetes are:

  • Its active ingredient, emodin, is hypoglycemic agent.
  • It is rich in chromium, a mineral that improves insulin activity by allowing glucose to pass into cells.
  • Due to its content in mucilage and glucomannan, two types of fiber that provide satiety and help control the absorption of sugar from the diet. It is especially recommended for people with diabetes and obesity.
  • The sugar contained in the pulp is mainly fructose, which is absorbed slowly and does not cause hyperglycemia.
  • It provides minerals such as magnesium and manganese, with antidiabetic properties.


Applied to the skin, aloe vera gel is very suitable for diabetic foot care. It softens, moisturizes and prevents foot cracks. (Clean the foot and apply the homemade aloe vera gel. Do not apply between fingers. Let dry before covering the foot.)

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2 May, 2024

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