Medicinal plant remedies for bad odor in armpits

Herbal remedies for bad odor in armpits

Natural remedies for bad odor in armpits

Sage for bad odor in armpits and genitals

An infusion of sage leaves decreases body sweat

Body odor appears as a result of secretions of the microorganisms that are developed in the corporal sweat, when there is no sufficient hygiene. One of the worst odor producing areas are the armpits, due to the large number of sweat glands that exist in this area.

Body odor, at other times seen as attractive, in modern society is very bad considered and it is a cause of rejection for those who possess it. Paradoxically, we are trying to eliminate a body odor that has the biological function of attraction, by the action of pheromones.

Whether or not these odors help, to increase attraction, it is really true that modern civilization is doing great efforts to disguise these smells using deodorants or antiperspirants that diminish sweat.

Symptoms of body odor

Bad smell of armpits, sweat, etc.

Causes of body odor

Body odor, especially of the armpits, feet and genitals is a very annoying odor caused primarily by the action of microorganisms that take advantage of environmental conditions of the feet or armpits to develop in them.

These body parts are those that have a lot more sweat glands. Buildup of sweat produced by the development of many bacteria, whose metabolism follows a series of gases that are responsible for the odor.

Sweating is a natural process for eliminating toxins from the body and evaporate heat. This is the purpose of eccrine glands – glands that appear mainly in the armpits, soles of the feet and face.

Sweating is shown with more emphasis on certain periods of human life from puberty to the age of 30. The apocrine glands are involved in this process. they appear mainly in the armpits and in groins. They secrete pheromones with a natural objective of attraction.

In today’s society body odor is badly considered hence the proliferation of antiperspirants to decrease the production of body sweat


How to prevent armpit odor

man sitting

During hot season, wearing proper clothes will help prevent too much sweating that is responsible for bad odor in armpits

In order to avoid the conditions that are responsible for the proliferation of microorganisms that produce bad corporal smell we would have to consider the following rules:

Proper daily hygiene, with baths or showers to eliminate the odor. When the smell is very intense and continuous, one should shower at least twice a day, applying the appropriate soap to eliminate bacteria.

  • Use appropriate clothing that allows the body to remove the sweat. Acrylic fabrics are not very breathable and retain sweat, which allows growth of microorganisms. Instead they should use clothes made of natural fibers such as cotton or linen.
  • Change clothes daily, including underwear, to prevent bacteria remain there. In the summer, it should be changed twice.
  • Avoid eating foods such as garlic, onions or strong spices, aromatic products which can be expelled through sweating.
  • Avoid ingestion of toxic substances and stimulants like coffee that increase sweating.

Medicinal plants for bad odor in armpits and genitals

The primary role of herbal medicine is to use those plants whose purpose will result in:

  • Using plants with bacterial and fungicide properties that eliminate the microorganisms.
  • Using those plants that diminish perspiration in the armpits or the genitals.
  • Using those deodorant plants that eliminate bad odor.

Curative herbs in internal use for bad odor in armpits and genitals

  • Sage: (Salvia officinalis) It has antiperspirants properties, that is to say it reduces to excessive perspiration (Infusion of a teaspoon of dry plant per glass of water. Take a pair from glasses per day)

Natural deodorants for bad odor in armpits and genitals

rosemary infusion

An infusion of rosemary to avoid armpit odor

  • Lettuce: (Lactuca sativa) We can do a good deodorant based on squeezing a lettuce leaf and rub the armpits with the liquid. We can also extract juice from lettuce and refrigerate. After bathing, wet armpits with a little juice.
  • Radish: (Raphanus sativus) Like lettuce, radish juice can be used like deodorant.
  • Apple tree: (Malus domestic servant) Apple cider vinegar can be a good deodorant. (Wet the gauze with vinegar and applied in the armpits. Unlike industrial deodorant, it does not cause skin irritation)
  • Rosemary: (Rosmarinus officinalis) It can be used with the same properties as thyme (Rinses with the preparation of an infusion of dried flowers in a liter of water)

Tips to remove the smell from the armpits:

  • Mix baking soda and talcum powder at 50% and dust it under the armpits after bathing and drying properly.

punto rojo More information on bad corporal scent and its natural treatment.

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25 October, 2023

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