Birch side effects

(Betula alba /Betula pubescens/ Betula lenta)


Birch tree catkins and leaves

Birch tree catkins and leaves


(Betula alba / Betula pubescens / lenta)

(Betula pendula)

Toxic effects: all treatments with essential oil of birch are toxic.

Birch essential oil should not be used externally or internally. Its toxicity is due to methyl salicylate, a toxic component which can be fatal in as little as 10ml dose.

Hypertension: Birch can cause hypertension as a side effect because it increases sodium retention. Do not take birch if you have hypertension or other heart disease.

Dermatitis: Birch essential oil externally used can cause dermatitis, wounds, rashes or skin irritations.

Birch tar (obtained from distillation of the cortex) may cause skin irritation in some cases. Internal use of birch tar is toxic and can damage the digestive mucosa.

Increase the power of drugs for hypertension, for circulation or diuretics: birch use is contraindicated with some natural treatments and medications.

Abortion: Birch is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation because the safety of its use is not recognized. Avoid birch if you are pregnant.

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19 March, 2019

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