Medicinal plants for bronchitis in children

Remedies for bronchitis in children

Infusions of medicinal plants for recurrent bronchitis in young children

sick boy with a thermometer
sick boy with a thermometer

Medicinal plants are a traditional resource that is increasingly used for the treatment of different respiratory affections in children, such as bronchial asthma, allergies, cough, bronchitis, etc.

cough remedies in children
Remedies for cough in children. Drawing courtesy of © Dibujosparapintar

What remedies are there for children with bronchitis?

Medicinal plants are widely used remedies in children to treat upper respiratory infections, which are very common among the pediatric population.

Of course, this type of remedy can be given to children (only the appropriate plants), although it is also important to know that before the problem becomes chronic, one must go to the doctor.

Important precautions with cough remedies in children

It is important to know that children are predisposed to suffer respiratory complications due to the small size of their respiratory system. This leads to a badly cured cold can be complicated in a bronchiolitis or asthma attacks that are difficult to solve.

Therefore, it is important to go to the pediatrician when the child shows wheezes when breathing, cough, loaded chest, angina or snoring, which do not disappear or worsen with the days, before this state becomes chronic.

Medicinal plants to cure bronchitis in young children

The infusions, syrups and remedies with medicinal plants are a very useful resource to help improve colds, congestion and other affections of the airways, such as soothing sore throat, cough, etc.

Among the main plants used for the natural treatment of children are:

Thyme infusion
  • Thyme infusions (Thymus vulgaris): Traditionally used in the treatment of colds and bronchitis in children, for its antibiotic properties and its essential oils soothing spasms and cough. It is also used for gas, indigestion and abdominal pain.
  • Infusions of plantain leaves (Plantago major): Traditionally used for the natural treatment of cough, diseases and respiratory infections, both in children and adults. Its mucilages have properties to reduce inflammation and relieve sore throat. In addition, this plant has antispasmodic principles that help to calm the cough.
  • Linden infusions (Tilia X europaea): Linden flowers are suitable for children since they do not have toxicity. They are traditionally used against nerve and respiratory disorders. They also have antipyretic properties, that is, capable of reducing fever.
  • Infusion of mallow flowers (Malva sylvestris): Mallow is one of the plants most used to treat diseases of the respiratory system. It contains a lot of mucilage, with demulcent properties, to soften the respiratory mucous membranes and help reduce inflammation.
  • cabbage poultice for cough
    Preparation of cabbage poultice for cough
    Cabbage poultice: Formerly used a very effective remedy for children with cough at night, consisting of: Prepare a large cabbage leaf. Roll it to squeeze a little juice. The part that will be in contact with the skin is traditionally spread with lard (butter could be used). Then it is applied on the chest of the boy or girl with cough. It is covered with a gauze so that it does not stain the sheets and stays fixed, and it is left to sleep all night with this remedy. The next morning, the cabbage is completely dry and the cough is relieved.

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3 October, 2022

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