Milk thistle contraindications

Silybum marianum


What are the contraindications of milk thistle?


Milk thistle

People suffering from high blood pressure. Milk thistle extract is contraindicated in people with hypertension. More information on plants to treat hypertension.

Allergy or hypersensitivity to plants of the daisy family. Milk thistle can produce immunological reactions,such as allergy or eczema, in hypersensitive individuals to other plants of the Compositae family . In Milk Thistle, this reaction is due to the component alpha-methylene-gamma-butyro-sesquiterpenolactone.

People with liver disease. The liver diseases are a serious condition that should not be self-treated. Milk thistle may interact with other medicines specific for cirrhosis or hepatitis, for example. Therefore, only a doctor may recommend supplementation in these cases.

When consulting with the doctor?

Liver disease. Milk Thistle is a plant especially recommended for liver. These diseases are serious and should not be self-treated. It must only be taken with the knowledge of your doctor.

If you are taking other herbs, medications or supplements. You should always consult a professional before beginning supplementation, because certain substances can interact with each other, losing its effectiveness.

If you take medication to regulate blood sugar or if you have Diabetes. Milk thistle affects blood glucose levels, so that its administration in diabetic patients should be monitored.

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19 March, 2019

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