Malagueta pepper properties

(Aframomum melegueta)


Medicinal properties grains of paradise

– Modern scientific studies show that grains of Paradise are an effective aphrodisiac remedy, increasing sexual desire.

– Formerly the malaguetta pepper roots were used in poultices to treat female disorders.

– The seeds were formerly used as an stimulant and were a remedy for dysentery. Along with other medicinal plants, it has been used as a remedy for cholera and toothache.

– Extracts obtained from the stem have been shown effective against tapeworms.


– The Grains of Paradise traders recommend using this spice with black pepper Malagueta pepper adds a different flavor to dishes with fresh notes of a flavor reminiscent of ginger. You can mix them in a grinder and add the final preparations for possessing more aroma.

– It can be combined with vegetable protein (seitan, tempeh, tofu), veggie burgers, vegetables, main dishes like quinoa, buckwheat, legumes and rice recipes especially exotic.

– It can also be used in meat, fish and seafood as if it were black pepper.

– There is a story that relates the use of this spice as a substitute for pepper (Piper nigrum) in Europe.

– In Morocco it is used in the spice mixture Ras el hanout.

– Apart from its use as spice, it is used to make wine, beer, spirits and vinegar.

– This type of pepper was one of the ingredients of the popular drink Hippocras, a spiced wine produced in Britain during the XIV and XV. However, when it fell into disuse during the reign of George III (1738 – 1820) Grain of Paradise for process of brewing was banned.

– In Scandinavia Akavit is used as aroma, a spirited drink produced in Scandinavia from XV century.

– Currently the consumption of grains of Paradise is still common in Ghana and Nigeria.

Other uses for malaguetta pepper

– Essential oils extracted from malaguetta seeds are used in the perfume industry.

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19 March, 2019

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