Throat natural remedies

How to treat aphonia, cough or throat irritation with natural remedies

What causes aphonia?

Aphonia occurs mainly by an inflammation in the throat area that affects the vocal cords and that makes us lose our voice. It is usually a symptom of an infection in this area.

Often, aphonia is accompanied by irritation of the throat, itching, pain in the tonsils, coughing or hoarseness.

woman with a handkerchief around her throat

Photo of a woman with a handkerchief around her throat to protect her from cold

What types of plants are usually used to treat aphonia or other throat problems?

Usually plants with the following properties are used:

* Plants with antiseptic properties, valid to eliminate microorganisms that cause throat infections.

Among these types of plants we have, for example, sage or chamomile.

* Plants with anti-inflammatory properties, responsible for decreasing the swelling that affects the vocal cords or throat.

Suitable anti-inflammatory plants are chamomile or cabbage.

* Mucilage plants, responsible for softening the throat, eliminating irritation or itching.

Among plants rich in mucilages we have, for example, mallow, clary sagemarshmallow or plantain.

Any specific treatment for throat problems?

We could do some infusion with one of the plants mentioned or combine several of these plants. For example, a mixed infusion of mallow, chamomile and sage:

– The three plants are mixed in the same proportion

– On a spoonful of this preparation pour boiling water and leave it to stand for 7 minutes.

– Let it cool a little and, with the water still warm, make gargles.

How is cabbage used for the throat?

Photo of some cabbages

Photo of some cabbages

Cabbage has anti-inflammatory properties so it is very suitable to decrease throat swelling. To do this you can use a cabbage syrup, which consists of the following:

– Take some cabbage leaves and squeeze them with a blender.

– Discard the fiber and add a teaspoon of honey by half a glass of water.

– Drink teaspoons little by little before breakfast.

Is this type of treatment also suitable for cough?

Yes, it can effectively be used for cough, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, hoarseness or other throat problems caused by microorganisms or irritation caused by other factors.

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24 January, 2021

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