Almond recipes

(How to eat almonds)


What are almonds used for?

Almonds are a food widely used in endless elaborations, thanks to the breadth of possibilities it presents. Some of the many possible uses that we can carry out with this food are the following:

  • Crushed, peeled, ground into powder, rolled, raw, roasted, fried, with honey, with chocolate, salted, with sugar, in paste, in oil, etc.
  • To decorate cakes, fruit desserts, etc.
  • As a base ingredient in salads, in cakes, in desserts, in muesli, in sauces such as curry or cható, etc.
  • For all kinds of preparations with vegetables, legumes, rice, pasta, etc.
  • Covered in chocolate for dessert.
  • Mixed with yogurt.
  • Vegetable almond drink:

The oil is used as a flavoring, but its main use is cosmetic.

Almonds are used as a food in many cultures in multiple culinary elaborations. Its use ranges from Andalusian and Arabic preparations, where it is usually eaten ground, to African, Scandinavian and Indonesian preparations, where it is usually eaten cooked.

In Spanish elaborations it is usually consumed toast, in sauces or in any traditional stew.

Almond recipes

Among the many almond recipes we can mention the following:

– Easy caramelized almonds

Artisan almond vegetable drink

– Homemade almond nougat

– Tomato salad, fresh cheese and sliced almonds

– Caramelized almonds

– Chocolate cake with lemon and almonds

– Goat cheese battered with almonds

Steamed broccoli with almonds

Tofu with soy sauce and sesame

– Fig bread with almonds

– Chocolate truffles

Almond dessert


Artichokes with potatoes


– Seaweed paté with almonds

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9 August, 2021

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