Vaginal dryness plant remedies

Medicinal plants for vaginal remedies

How to prevent vaginal dryness?

To prevent vaginal dryness any of the following techniques can be used:

Extend the preliminaries: To facilitate lubrication it is important to extend the previous moments of sex. Penetration, if it occurs without sufficient lubrication, will be painful. It is better to prolong the hugs, kisses and caresses before inserting the penis into the vagina. This is particularly interesting to women who have reached menopause, because the need a longer period of excitation to produce the necessary lubricant.

Relax: Nervousness and stress are responsible for less lubrication. Before going to bed is important to talk with the partner in a natural way to remove sexual taboos. If you’ve had a very exciting day it is better to take a relaxing bath, listen to some music, see some interesting television program, a movie, etc.

Drink plenty of liquids: Drinking plenty of water is a way to prevent dehydration and increasing body fluids.

Use a vaginal lubricant to favour penetration: Vaginal lubricants allow penetration without pain to counteract the lack of natural lubrication. You can ask your doctor or pharmacist for the most suitable for you. Although vaseline has been the most widely used lubricant for this purpose, its use is not recommended because it is a petroleum product and may be counterproductive because it may encourage the emergence of microorganisms or produce a rebound effect, drying out the vagina. Keep in mind that the use of Vaseline with condoms can lead to their breakage.

Natural lubricants are recommended, with a pH similar to the vagina natural lubricant; They should last the proper time, should not stain and should be easy to wash. Commercial gels that meet these requirements are widely available.

Maintain proper genital hygiene: Adequate genital hygiene will allow the elimination of microorganisms which may be responsible for alterations in the pH of the vagina. Using an appropriate intimate soap is a way to promote this hygiene. Vagina washes should not be abused, because they might harm the flora of this part of the body.

Phytotherapy. Herbal medicine for vaginal dryness

Phytotherapy in the treatment of vaginal dryness implies using a number of plants whose function is:

Tranquilizing or relaxing plants for the treatment of stress or anxiety. (More information about stress remedies)

Estrogenic plants, addressing the loss of estrogen produced primarily during menopause. (More information about menopause remedies)

Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis)

– Plants that can be used as natural lubricants. These include the following:

Olive tree (Olea Europaea) Olive oil is highly recommended to lubricate the vagina when suffering from vaginal dryness.

Sesame (Sesamum indicum) Sesame oil can be used as a lubricant to facilitate intercourse.

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22 March, 2019

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