Salad of burnet leaves with cheese and olives

Easy summer appetizer of cheese, olives and burnet leaves

Cheese with edible burnet leaves

Burnet or salad burnet  (Sanguisorba  minor or Poterium sanguisorba)  has  small and jagged leaves , they have a refreshing taste, and their green color is very attractive.

All this makes them very decorative and ideal for any type of recipe or preparation. In this case, the attached photo below shows a recipe for a summer entree: fresh cheese with olives and burnet  leaves.

Ingredients of burnet leaves salad

Cheese appetizer with olives and burnet leaves
Cheese appetizer with olives and burnet leaves. Recipe by Montserrat Enrich, a great connoisseur and enthusiast of wild plants (see recipe).
  • A bunch of young burnet or other wild herb (fresh oregano, yarrow, …)
  • Burgos cheese, goat cheese or similar
  • Canned black olives

Elaboration of burnet leaves salad

  • Collect tender leaves of pimpernel, from plants that still have no flower.
  • Once clean, separate the leaves from the stem. With one hand, hold the stem by the apex, and with the other, gently press the stem with two fingers, moving downwards, to separate the leaves easily.
  • Crumble the cheese and spread the  leaves on top.
  • Garnish with olives and serve as an entree or snack.
    The fresh flavor of salad burnet combines very well with the cheese and the olives.

Recipe courtesy of  Montserrat Enrich of the blog: Gastronomia salvatge

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14 March, 2024

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