Benefits of oats with yogurt

Properties of yogurt mixed with oats

What does oatmeal provide?

Yogurt with oatmeal Yogurt with oatmeal and fruits

Oatmeal is a very complete cereal that is regaining importance due to its high nutritional value and because it has been observed that its consumption could go well to treat some health conditions:

  • It is one of the richest cereals in proteins.
  • It contains a lot of fiber, both soluble and insoluble, which helps regulate intestinal transit and prevents constipation.
  • Because of its fiber and protein content, the carbohydrates in oats are absorbed gradually, without causing hyperglycemia or uncontrolled sugar.
  • It provides B vitamins (except B12), which have energetic and tonic functions of the nervous system.
  • It is also a good source of folic acid, important for anemia and for pregnancy.

What does yogurt bring me?

The properties of oatmeal complement perfectly with yogurt:

  • Yogurt contains probiotics, healthy bacteria for the intestinal flora, which will proliferate thanks to the fiber of oats.
  • It provides satiety when weight loss plans are followed, it helps with weight control.
  • The yogurt’s proteins further slow down the absorption of oat’s carbohydrates, which results in better control of sugar levels. These characteristics make it ideal for obesity and diabetes.
  • The combination provides a lot of calcium and vitamin B12, essential for the growth of children and students; and also for osteoporosis.

Yogurt with oats to supplement the treatment of diseases

Yogurt with oatmeal and a bananaYogurt with oatmeal and a banana

  • In weight loss diets, during winter season and stress situations, because yogurt with oats increases the immune system and prevents to be cold.
  • It is a perfect breakfast for children and students, which will give them energy, help their mental concentration and their growth.
  • For diabetes, it has an average glycemic load that, in adequate rations, supposes a contribution of excellent complex carbohydrates.
  • Yogurt with oats is recommended for people who eat little vegetables, because its content in probiotics and fiber prevents intestinal diseases and colon cancer.

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20 October, 2021

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