Vegetarian sandwich properties

Vegetarian sandwich recipe

How many calories are there in a vegetarian sandwich?

The suggested veggie sandwich of this page contains cheese as the main ingredient.

It is a breakfast or a perfect snack because of its low fat content and because of its richness in nutrients.

Vegetarian sandwich
vegetarian sandwich with cheese, tomato, lettuce and olive oil.

Benefits of a veggie sandwich

– Bread is a source of carbohydrates and B vitamins, with lot of energy and very tonifying for the nervous system.

– Cheese provides high quality protein, high in calcium and vitamin B12.

Tomato and lettuce provide fiber and antioxidants such as lycopene and beta-carotene.

– At breakfast, we must accompany the sandwich with a fruit for vitamin C requirements.


Food Calories






Bread (50 g.) 130,5 4,25 25,75
Fresh cheese 0% (75 g.) 49,5 12,00 3,00
Tomato (50 g.) 43,9 1,60 6,53
Lettuce (30 g.) 4,4 0,30 0,30
TOTAL 228,28 18,15 35,58
Food Fats




Bread (50 g.) 0,80 1,75
Fresh cheese 0% (75 g.) 0,15 0,45
Tomato (50 g.) 0,40 2,67
Lettuce (30 g.) 0,13 0,33
TOTAL 1,48 5,20alto

Can I take bread if I’m on a diet?

Of course you can. Not taking carbohydrates reduces metabolism and delivers the yo-yo effect.

Because of the carbohydrate load, it is recommended that, especially in case of menopause, exercise is made, as brisk walking 1 hour a day, to burn calories and improve what our daily energy balance gives us.

In case of sedentarism, replace fiber toast

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22 April, 2019

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