White color foods to increase your defenses

Medicinal properties of white color foods


White colour for blood circulation

The white foods are rich in potassium, that has diuretic properties and promotes better blood circulation.

In this group we find the family of Liliaceae plants, represented by the onion and garlic. These foods contain medicinal compounds, such as allicin, which improves circulation and reduces blood pressure.

These foods are natural antibiotics help fight infection and enhance the immune system.

We also find foods rich in minerals with antioxidant properties, such as selenium present in mushrooms and nuts, which helps the immune system to fight against external agents.

Effects of food with white color

Garlic photo

Traditional Chinese Medicine relates the white with the lungs and large intestine, the spiciness and fall.

Indeed, in addition to its aforementioned antimicrobial properties effective against enteritis, some of these foods also possess expectorant properties.

Here we find the black pepper, whose seed are white, and has the most popular spicy flavor.

Who should eat white color foods?

This kind of food is very convenient for people with fluid retention, edema and varices. Also, they are very suitable in autumn time and seasonal changes, when the body must fight flu and other winter persistent diseases, such as cough and nasal congestion.

Main white color foods list


Garlic - Jerusalem artichoke - Almonds - Hazelnuts- Rice - Onion - Mushrooms - Cherimoya - parsnip - Coconut - Edelweiss - Ginger - Jicama - Lychee - leeks - Cassava - Turnip - Great morinda - Walnuts - Pepper - Quinoa - Sesame - Yacon

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