Effects on health of dark color food

Properties of dark color in food

Dark colors to provide energy

Guarana powder

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In the group of dark-colored foods, we find stimulants such as coffee, guarana, nutmeg and cocoa, which have alkaloids.

Plants in this group are rich in essential oils and have effects on the digestive system, such as appetizing, laxative, or intestinal regulators.

This is the case of cardamom, cumin, carob, flax or cloves. These foods can help treat occasional constipation within a balanced diet.

Legumes, such as lentils and dried fruits, such as dates or raisins, are energy foods.

Effects of dark color food

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the dark color dominates the kidneys, which in turn control the body’s vital energy. Presumably, eating these color foods, our body will be stimulated and energized.

They mainly can be found is winter.

People with a high level of mental activity or requiring outside help to deal with the busy pace of life should take them.


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24 January, 2022

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