Side effects of celery

(Apium graveolens)


- Sleepiness: the essential oil of celery contains sedative principles. Moderate consumption may cause drowsiness to people who eat them.

- Increased diuresis: celery is a diuretic remedy and may increase urination. Its diuretic principles are: apiol, apigenin, mirysticin and flavonoids. Strong diuresis may produce hypotension or mineral loss. (potassium, magnesium and calcium)

- Dermatitis: celery is rich in essential oils that may cause skin irritation.

- Photosensitivity: sun exposure can cause skin damage if we previously handled or ate celery.

- Bleeding: Celery contains natural anticoagulants (furanocoumarins) that can enhance the effect of other anticoagulant medicins or plants. Do not combine it with anticoagulant plants or medicines.

- Allergies: People with allergies to some plant may have allergic reactions to celery.

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