Home remedies for gallbladder inflammation

PHYTOTHERAPY: Herbal remedies the gallbladder inflammation

Among all the possible plant remedies, we could point out the following:

- Carminative plants (They help expel flatulence)



Anise (Infusion of dried plant)

Fennel (Eaten tender or cooked)

sesame seeds
Sesame seeds
are good
to expell flatulence caused by
gallbladder inflammation

- Laxatives (they increase defecation, regulating the intestinal transit and preventing constipation)

Dandelion, marshmallow, pansy (Infusion of dried plant)

Linseed, sesame (seeds mixed with meals)

linseed for constipation
Linseed can prevent constipation

Destroyers of gallstones

Lemon (Juice of the fruit before breakfast)

Olive oil (before breakfast)

lemon juice for gallbladder inflammation
Lemon juice, drank before breakfast can help
dissolve gallbladder stones.

punto rojo More information about natural treatment of gallbladder inflammation in the listing above

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