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Honey is a natural medicine

chestnut honey

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Honey has always been regarded as something more than just food. Early civilizations considered honey as a "magic" product.

From this point of view, it is normal that honey jars have been found in the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs. They thought that honey could feed them and protect them in the new world.

Among the main beneficial effects of honey are the following:

- Provide energy

- Help prevent and treat respiratory diseases

- Serve as tranquilizer and sedative

- To regulate the intestinal transit, helping to prevent the appearance of diarrhea and exerting, at the same time, a slightly sedative effect in cases of constipation.

- Contribute to the prevention of intestinal bacterial diseases.

- Help in healing and prevent infections in wounds and burns

- Prevent the formation of stomach ulcers and help in their healing.

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Honey is a very suitable cosmetic

The use of honey in cosmetics is very broad. Combined with lemon, oatmeal or other ingredients can be used to make masks, creams or tonics for skin care. Honey can remove stains or freckles

The use of honey to make homemade shampoo is also widely recognized

Also honey, combined with olive oil, can be used to make natural soap.

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Honey, a very sweet and natural sweetener

As food, honey is part of many recipes, such as desserts, roasts, combined with cereals, etc.

It is used as a sweetener to sweeten beverages or herbal teas, being more recommended that sugar by its greater balance in carbohydrates and by the great amount of components that it presents providing honey with more advantages than sugar.

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