How to beat egg whites



Ingredients and utensils

- 1 egg

- Salt

- One tool to beat: fork, whisk, electric mixer, etc..


- Crack an egg in half, hitting it against the edge of a plate..

- Open the egg through the crack separating the two sides as the egg white is dropped on a tray beneath it.

- To clear all the white and leave the yolk aside, pass the egg yolk from half the egg shell to the other half, while we leave the egg white to fall on the plate.

- Add a little salt. (Salt will make it smoother)

- With the help of an instrument to beat, beat the eggs. To do this, go removing them from the bottom to the top in a broad fast movement, circular and rhythmic.

- As we go on beating the egg white, we let air go into it, so that it becomes more dense and compact. We will know that the egg white is already well beaten because you can pick a piece of it without unraveling. It is said that is ready when it " forms stiff peaks". In Spanish, this correct texture for the egg white to be well beaten is called " A punto de nieve" (= similar to snow falling texture) It is so called because it is a type of texture that resembles freshly fallen snow: white and frothy.

- We test to see if it is well beaten: We take a spoonful of it and, if it stands firm, it is well done.


- The whipped egg has many utilities. Can be used to make meringues, chocolate mousse, tarts, tiramisu, etc..

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